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TM    5-2815-241-34&P INJECTOR   TIMING   ADJUSTMENT INITIAL  SETUP Tools Equipment   Condition Barring  tool,  crankshaft Injector timing tool, ST-593 Push  rods  installed  (page  2-73). Materials/Parts Cam  follower  housings  gaskets (as   required) ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS NOTE Timing procedure is performed on cylinders one, three, and five. Camshaft must be pushed back against rear of cylinder block for zero end play. 1.  Injector  sleeve  (1) ST-593   injector   tim- ing  tool  (2) Position  into  injector  sleeve. 2. ST-593 injector timing  tool  (2) Push rod (3) and timing tool rod (4) Aline and put timing tool rod into push rod socket. 3. Knurled holddowns   (5) Tighten  evenly  until  timing  tool  is  secured  to cylinder  head. NOTE Make sure ST-593 injector timing tool is flat on cylinder head, otherwise incorrect timing will  occur. 4 . Dial   indicator supports  (6  and  7) Loosen. 5. Cylinder block (8) Crankshaft   (9) Using  crankshaft  barring  tool,  rotate  crank- shaft  clockwise  to  TDC  (top  dead  center). Piston  travel  plunger  (10)  will  be  near full  upward  position. 6. ST-593 injector timing tool (2) Dial   indicators (11 and 12) a. Push  down  to  fully  compressed position. b. Note  readings  on  both  dial  Indicators. c. Raise both dial indicators 0.020 inch from  noted  readings. d. Using  thumbscrew  (15),  lock  in  place. 2-74


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