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TM   5-2815-241-34&P INJECTOR   TIMING   ADJUSTMENT   -   CONTINUED ACTION LOCATION ITEM REMARKS 9. Cylinder block (1) Crankshaft   (2) 10. Dial indicator (4) Dial  face  (5),  dial a. Set dial face to aline zero with dial indicator pointer (6), indicator   pointer. and   thumbscrew   (7) b. Turn  thumbscrew  to  lock  dial  face. 11. Cylinder block (1) Crankshaft   (2) Using  crankshaft  barring  tool,  rotate  crank- shaft  counterclockwise  through  TDC  to  45 degrees  BTDC  (before  top  dead  center). 12. ST-593 injector timing tool (8) Piston travel plunger  (3)  and  dial indicator  stem  (9) 13. Dial   indicator   (10) 14. Dial  indicator  (4) N O T E Using  crankshaft  barring  tool,  rotate  crank- shaft clockwise 90 degrees ATDC (after top dead   center). Piston  travel  plunger  (3)  will  be  near its lowest position. Using  crankshaft  barring  tool,  rotate  crank- shaft  clockwise  until  piston  travel  plunger  on fixture  is  in  contact  with  dial  indicator  stem. Using  crankshaft  barring  tool,  slowly  rotate crankshaft  in  clockwise  direction  until  dial indicator  reads  0.0032  inch  (0.0812  mm) before  zero. This  position  is  actually  0.2032  Inch before  zero  on  dial  Indicator  since  the pointer  has  rotated  twice. Note   reading. Reading  should  be  within  limits  given In  table. If Injector timing is not within specification given, perform step 15 before making changes  in  cam  follower  housing  gaskets  to  correct  injector  timing. 15. ST-593 injector timing tool (8) Dial   indicators (4 and 10) a. Check  dial  indicator  positioning.  Be  sure dial  indicators  are  not  bottoming  or binding. Carefully  recheck  TDC. 2 - 7 6


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