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TM 5-3895-360-13 1-5.  SAFETY,  CARE,  AND  HANDLING  (Con’t). b. Read and become familiar with all WARNINGS in the Warning Summary at the front of this manual. c. Throughout this manual, WARNINGs are placed as they pertain to specific operational or maintenance procedures. Read these warnings and follow them exactly. d. The following are safety regulations which must be followed when operating or maintaining the tampers: (1) Read through this manual and become familiar with its contents before operating or performing any maintenance on the tamper. (2) Before performing any maintenance on the tam- per, ensure that the engine is shut down and spark plug cable is disconnected, (3) Never operate the tamper in an explosive atmo- sphere, near combustible materials, or where ventilation  is  not  sufficient  to  carry  away  ex- haust fumes. (4) Ensure that all safety guards are in proper posi- tion and secure. Keep hands, feet, and clothing away from moving parts when starting and op- erating the tamper. (5) Never leave the tamper running unattended. (6) Do not operate the tamper on any surface where it can tip or become out of control. (7) Keep work area free of all bystanders. 1-2


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