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TM  5-3895-360-13 13-3. LOWER UNIT MAINTENANCE (’VR11C) (Con’t). Figure 13-8. Dust Boot Replacement (VR11C). f. g. h. i. j. k. l. Install piston ring (23) on piston (24). Install spacer ring (22), piston (24), spacer ring (25), and new locknut (26) on piston rod (5). NOTE Refer to Figure 13-6, Lower Unit Lower Springs Replacement  (VR11C),  for steps h through j. Position three springs (17, 18, and 19) in lower unit housing (16). Position new preformed packing (20) and base plate (15) on lower unit housing (16) and install two mach- ine bolts (13) evenly. Install two screws (21) on base plate (15). NOTE Refer to Figure 13-5, Lower Unit Disassembly Bolts  Installation  and  Removal  (VR11C),  for steps k and l Remove  two  machine  bolts  (13)  from  base  plate (15). Install two screws (14) on base plate (15). INSTALLATION NOTE Refer to Figure 13-4,  Lower  Unit  Replacement (V11C),  for steps a through d. a. Position new preformed packing (12) and lower unit NOTE (1) on gearcase (3). Refer to Figure 13-7,  Piston  Rod  Replacement b. Push down on guide tube(11) and install pin (1 O) and (VR11C),  for steps d through g. two expansion plugs (4) on piston rod (5). d. Install sleeve bushing (30) on piston rod (5). c.  install  guide  tube  (11)  on  gearcase  (3)  with  four screws (9). e.  Install  piston  rod  (5),  spacer  (29),  and  two  springs d.  Install  upper  boot  ring  (6)  and  guide  tube  (11)  on (27 and 28) in lower unit housing (16). gearcase (3) with six screws (7). 13-7


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