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TM  5-3895-360-13 B-4.  EXPLANATION  OF  COLUMNS  IN  TOOL  AND  TEST  EQUIPMENT  REQUIREMENTS, SECTION  Ill. a. b. c. d. Column  1,  Tool  or  Test  Equipment  Reference Code. The tool and test equipment reference code correlates with a code used in the MAC, Section II, Column 5. Column 2, Maintenance Level.  The lowest level of maintenance   authorized   to   use   the   tool   or   test equipment. Column 3, Nomenclature.  Name or identification of the tool or test equipment. Column  4,  National/NATO  Stock  Number.  The National or NATO Stock Number of the tool or test equipment. e. Column 5, Tool Number.  The  manufacturer’s  part n u m b e r. B-5.  EXPLANATION  OF  COLUMNS  IN  RE- MARKS, SECTION IV. a. Column 1, Reference Code.  The code recorded in Column 6, Section Il. b. Column 2, Remarks.  This  column  lists  information pertinent    to    the    maintenance    function    being performed as indicated in the MAC, Section il. Section   Il.   MAINTENANCE   ALLOCATION   CHART   (Con’t) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Maintenance  Level Unit DS GS Depot Group Maintenance   ‘ Tools and Number Component/Assembly Function C O F H D Equipment    Remarks 01 ENGINE 0100 Engine  Assembly Engine Inspect 1.0 Service 0.5 1,2,3 Replace 3.0 1,4 Repair 1.5 1,5,7 0101 Crankcase, Block, Cylin- der Head Cylinder Replace 1.5 1,4,5,7 Repair 1.0 1,4 0102 Crankshaft Replace 1.0 1,4 Crankshaft  Bearings Replace 1.0 1,4 0104 Pistons and Connecting Rods Replace 1.0 1,4,5,7 Rings  and  Bearings Replace 1.0 1,4,5,7 B-3


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