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TM  5-3895-360-13 . Table  3-1.  Operator/Crew  Preventive  Maintenance  Checks  and  Services  (PMCS)  (Con’t). B-BEFORE D–DURING A-AFTER INTERVAL ITEM TO BE INSPECTED ITEM PROCEDURE Check for and have ropaired, filled, or EQUIPMENT IS NOT NO. B D A adjusted as needed. READY/AVAlLABLE IF: 5 FUEL  SYSTEM  (Con’t) WARNING    Give IMMEDIATE medical attention to personnel exposed to hydrocarbon or toxic vapors. Signs of distress are weakness,   nausea,   coughing   or intoxication, nosebleed or cramps, or other  unusual  symptoms.  Qualified personnel able to administer artificial respiration and simple first aid must be present. a. Visually inspect fuel system for signs of leakage. Any fuel leakage is present. b. Visually inspect fuel tank for damage. Fuel tank damage which could re- sult in fuel leakage. c. Check fuel level in fuel tank. Fuel tank is empty. d. Drain fuel tank and close fuel tank cap vent before  putting  tamper  into  carrying  case. 6 THROTTLE a. Check throttle control for freedom of movement Throttle binds or does not operate and  proper  operation. properly. b. Check throttle cable for breaks, kinks, and wear. Throttle cable is damaged. 7 STARTER RECOIL a. Check cord for fraying and breaks. Cord is frayed or broken. b. Check rewind spring for proper recoil action. Cord does not recoil. 3-5


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