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TM   5-3895-360-13 6-2.  ENGINE  ASSEMBLY  REPLACEMENT  (Con’t). INSTALLATION a. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-6, Engine Bracket  Replace- ment, for step a. Install two engine brackets (11) on engine assembly (5) with four new Iockwashers (10) and screws (9). b. c. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-5, Engine Assernbly Replace- ment, for steps b and c. Install new gasket (4) and engine adapter (3) on en- gine assembly (5) with four bolts (2). Install new gasket (8) and engine assembly (5) on transmission  (1)  with  four  new  iockwashers- (7)  and screws (6). Figure  6-5.  Engine  Assembly  Replacement. 6-6


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