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TM   5-3895-360-13 6-3.  ENGINE  CRANKSHAFT  PISTON,  AND  CONNECTING  ROD  REPLACEMENT  (Con’t). NOTE Refer to Figure 6-10, Crankshaft  Bearing Re- placement, for step iI. i. Remove bearing (14), retaining ring (15), and seal (16) from cylinder (1). Discard seal. k. Figure  6-10.  Crankshaft  Bearing  Replacement. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-11, Connecting Rod Replace- ment, for step j. j. Remove two retaining rings (17), piston pin (18), and connecting rod (7) from piston (13). 6-10 Figure  6-11.  Connecting  Rod  Replacement. NOTE Refer to Figure 6-12,  Piston  Rings  Replace- ment, for step k. Remove two piston rings (19) from piston (13). . Figure  6-12.  Piston  Rings  Replacement.


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