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TM   5-3895-360-13 6-3.   ENGINE   CRANKSHAFT,   PISTON, AND  CONNECTING  ROD  REPLACE- MENT  (Con’t). NOTE Refer to Figure 6-7,  Crankshaft  Support  Re- placement, for steps i and j. i. Install bearing (3) and new seal (5) in crankshaft sup- port (4). j. Install new gasket (2) and crankshaft support (4) on cylinder (1) with six screws (6). Torque screws to 70-85 lb.-in. (7.91-9.61 N•m). k. Install engine assembly on transmission (see para- graph 6-2). 6-4. ENGINE REED AND REED PLATE RE- PLACEMENT. TOOLS: General mechanic’s tool kit . . . . . . . SC 5180-90-N26 REED PLATE REMOVAL a. Remove carburetor (see paragraph 7-2). NOTE Refer to Figure 6-16, Reed Plate Replacement, for step b. b. Remove four screws (3), reed plate (2), and gasket (1) from cylinder (4). Discard gasket. Figure 6-16. Reed Plate Replacement. 6-14


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