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TM   5-3895-360-13 6-5.   ENGINE TOOLS: COMPRESSION   TEST General mechanic’s tool kit . . . . . . . SC 5180-90-N26 Cylinder compression tester . . . . . . SC 4910-95-A31 NOTE The  VR11C  and  VR11  engine  compression tests are performed the same way. VR11C Is Il- Iustrated. COMPRESSION  TEST a. Remove spark plug (see paragraph 9-3). NOTE Refer  to  Figure  6-19,  Engine   Compression Test, for steps b through d. b. Insert tip of compression tester into cylinder (1). c.  Set  throttle  to  wide  open  position. d. e. Crank engine (see paragraph 2-4) several times to ensure that cylinder comes up for the compression portion of its stroke. Note reading on compression tester. Reading must be 90-110 psi (621-756 kPa). If compression pressure is not within specification, in- spect cylinder (see paragraph 6-3) and replace as required. Install spark plug (see paragraph 9-3). Figure  6-19.  Engine  Compression  Test. 6-16


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