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TM   5-3895-360-13 10-3.  TRANSMISSION  CLUTCH REPLACEMENT  (Con’t). d. e. f. g. NOTE Refer  to  Figure  10-8,  Transmlsslon   Clutch Shaft  Replacement,  for steps d through g. Remove retaining ring (10) and pinion gear (9) from clutch shaft (8). Remove woodruff key (6) from clutch shaft (8). Dis- card  woodruff  key. Remove clutch shaft (8) from gearcase (4). Remove bearing (7) from clutch shaft (8). h. i. j. NOTE Refer to Figure 10-9, Tansmlssion Clutch Re- placement for steps h through j. Remove  locknut  (11)  and  sleeve  spacer  (12)  from  en- gine  (16)  crankshaft.  Discard  locknut. Remove woodruff key (14) and clutch (13) from en- gine  (16)  crankshaft.  Discard  woodruff  key. Remove sleeve spacer (15) from engine (16) crank- shaft. Figure  10-7.  Transmission  Gearcase  Cover  Replacement. 10-8


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