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1-8. After the shelter has been erected, the operator personnel will unbolt selected items of equipment. These items will
be relocated to preselected positions on the expanded side of the shelter. (See para., 1-7c.,d.) The selected items, when
moved, will not be secured (bolted) in place. This allows the shop personnel a certain flexibility in the event long or bulky
materiel must be repaired within the shelter. The recommended locations were selected for proper utilization of floor
space and maximum safety for the operating personnel.
Four people are needed when moving or lifting the Environmental Control Units (ECUs). Each
unit weighs approximately 270 pounds. Trying to move or lift an ECU without help can cause
serious injury to personnel.
1-9. The two ECUs are positioned on special fold down shelves, when the shop is in the operational mode. Power is
provided by a 208V cable located inside the shelter next to each shelf. Both ECUs can be easily removed for service or
1-10.  Detailed instructions for unbolting equipment and the recommended sequence for relocation is contained in
Chapter 2, Section II. The procedures for striking the shelter and preparing the Engine Shop for transport or storage are
1-11. Electrical power to operate the Engine Shop is provided by an auxiliary generator or a commercial power source.
A power distribution panel (PDP) is used between the power source and the power entry panel of the shelter. Overload
protection is by circuit breaker. The circuit breaker panel is located inside the shelter next to the personnel entrance
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