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TM 55-4920-436-13&P
Vise mounted on corner of double cabinet must be positioned so that the handle is located
between the double cabinet and the cabinet immediately adjacent. If handle is pointed toward
movable side of shelter it will restrict closing of the end wall and could result in damage to the
2-12. Storage procedures. In the event the Engine Shop is to be placed in storage the provisions of TM 740-90-1, TM
743-200-1 and applicable shop equipment TMs will be followed.
2-13. Striking the shelter. Procedures for striking the shelter are contained in TM 10-5411-201-14. In addition, the
following "Supplemental Instructions" will be observed.
a. Remove screws (1\ at both corners of fold-out floor.
b. Install cable (3) and retainer block (2) with screws
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