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PAR  206-211 T U R B I N E     S H A F T     R E B U I L D C H A P   5,    SEC  X X I X d.  Install  the  output  coupling  with  the bear~ng  into  the  transmission  housing.  Install the  retaining  ring  (fig.  232). $c~ e. Po~i~ion  the   transmission   housing   on its b~ttom  side. Install the accumulator bcdy and gasket. Secure the body with four 3/8- 16 x 1-l/2 and two 3/8-16x  2-1/2-inch  cap screws with  lock  washers  (fig.  233). +@ $ Install the oil filler tube assembly and gasket. Secure the assembly with four 3/8- 16 x 1 cap screws with lock washers. Install the gage  rod  cap. ~. Install the diaphragm  assemb”ly  in its housing bore (fig. 233). #C~h.  Install  the,iiaphragmclamp  plate over the h=b of the diap:magm  assembly (fig. 232). Aline the bolt holes in the plate with the dia- phragm  :Lssembly.  Install four  3/8-24x  2- l/2- inch self -locking d bolts (fig. 233). i. 1 ns t a 11 two preformed packings on transmission housing (fig. 232 ). ~ Install two hook-type seal rings on hub of diaphragm assembly (fig. 232). Section XXIX. TURBINE SHAFT —  REBUILIJ 207.  DESCRIPTION The turbine shaft, of machined s t e e 1, serves as the torque converter output shaft. It  is  the  input  drive  member  to  the  transmis- .—. , sion range gearing, and is  splined to the high- range  clutch  hub,  intermediate-range  and  low- range sun gears. The shaft is  splined  to the turbine  of  the  torque  converter  assembly. 208. DISASSEMBLY (fig. 375, fold-out 4) a. Remove four seal rings 1 and 3 from turb~e shaft 2. ~. Using a sleeve which will contact the inner race of thebearing,  support the assem- bly  in  a  press.    Press  the  shaft  out  of  the bearing (fig. 236). 209.  CLEANING Refer to par. 71 for cleaning recommen- dations. 210. INSPECTION AND REPAIR -. Refer  to  par.  72  for  general  inspection and repair recommendations. Repair and re- build  points  of  measurement  for  fits,  clear- ances  and  wear  limits  are  indicated  by  small, lower  case  letters  in  fig.  375,  fold-out  4. Refer  to  par.  238  for  wear  limits  information. 211. ASSEMBLY (fig. a.  Install  bearing :375,  fold-out  4) 5 onto turbine shaft  2. Pres=  the bearing im& race until it is firmly seated  against  it;  shoulder  on  the  shaft. - ~.  Install  three  hook-type  seal  rings  3 and one seal ring 1  ontcl turbine shaft 2. ml,! Figure 236. Removing bearing  jrom  turbine shu/t 159


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