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C H A P    5,    SEC  X X X L E F T ,     R I G H T     O U T P U T Section  XXX.  LEFT-  AND  RIGHT-OUTPUT 212. DESCRIPTION Refer to pars. 26 and 27 for the descrip- tion  of  the  output  drive  planetary  assemblies. 213. DISASSEMBLY *C* a. Left-output  Drive  Planetary  Carrier Assembly   (18,   fig.   385,   fold-out   14) (1)  Remove  three  spindle  lock  pins  21 from  output  drive  planetary  carrier  20.  Drive pins tmvard  the center of the carrier. (2) Using  a  suitable  pressing  tool,  re- move three spindles 19 from carrier 20. (3) R  e  move  three  planetary  carrier pinions 24, with washers 22 and 27, spacers 23 and 26 and rollers 25. Place parts in sepa- rate containers and identify them with their location  in  carrier  20.  Place  the  spindles  in the  same  containers. b. Ri~ht-outmt  Drive  Planetarv   Carrier Asse–mbly   (41,  f{g.   386,   fold-out   15).   The left-  and  right-output  drive  planetary  assem- blies  are  identical,  therefore  the  disassembly procedure  is  the  same  as  described  in  a(1) ‘bough  2(3),  above. 214.  CLEANING Refer  to  par.  71 dations. for cleaning recommen- 215. INSPECTION  AND  REPAIR Refer  to  par.  72  for  general  inspection and repair recommendations. Repair and re- build points of measurements for fits, clear- ances and wear limits are indicated by small letters in figs.   385 and 386, fold-outs 14 and 15. Refer to par. 248 and 249 for wear limits information. 160 P L A N    ETARIES    R E B U I L D DRIVE  PLANETARY 216.  ASSEMBLY PAR  2 - 2 16 ASSEME LIES —- REBUILD a. Left-output Drive Planetary Carrier Asserr@~.g.    385,   fold-out   147 Note.  Chill  spindles  19  i  n  dry  ice for o n e hour, if  p[wsible,   prior  to assembly. (1)  Coat  the  bore;;   of  pinions  24  with grease. Note. If any one of the pinions must b e replaced because of clef  ects o r damage,  it  will  be  r,ecessary  to re- place a 11 three pinions with a new matched  assembly. (2)  Install  a  pinion  alining  tool  into  a pinion  24. Note. A suitable  al:.ning  tool can be improvised  by  grind:ng an unservice- able spindle to O. 005 inch undersize and brazing  a handk  to one end. (3) Place a  spacer 23 ancl  thrust  washer 22 on one side of pinio~ Y?4. (4) Install 20 needle rollers 25 into the pinion bore in the space a:?ound  the alining  toed. (5) Install ‘a seconc.  spacer 26 and thrust washer 27. Remove the alining tool. (6)  Install  the  Iinion,   with  the  two spacers, two washers  ar.d 20 rollers into the carrier.  Aline its bore with the spindle  bore in the carrier, using the alining tool. (7)  Place  the  carl ier  in  a  press,  with the larger outside diameter side of the carrier up. Remove the  alining tool. (8) Start  a  spindle  19  into  the  bore  of the  carrier. The spindlt: must be accurately alined so that its lock pin groove  will be paral- lel  with  the  lock  pin  hole  in  the  carrier. _____   _


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