Quantcast REMOVE   BEVEL   GEAR   ASSEMBLY (SHEET   2   OF  2)

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TM  9-2520-272-34&P 4-11. REMOVE   BEVEL   GEAR   ASSEMBLY (SHEET   2   OF  2) 1 2 Using socket, attach three 3/8-16 x1-1/4  inch bolts (1) and washers (2) until snug through sIing lugs and into holes   (3)   in   bevel   gear   assembly   (4). Using   sling,   lift   bevel   gear   assembly mission   center   housing   (5). CAUTION When   lowering   bevel   gear   assembly   onto work   table,   be   careful   not   to   bend   or   break tubes,   Bent   or   broken   tubes   must   be replaced    because: •  They   may   interfere   with   function   of bevel   gear   assembly. •  They   may   interfere   with   clearances when   bevel   gear   assembly   is   installed. 3   Using   sling,   carefully   lower   bevel   gear   assembly   (4) over   work   table.   While   lowering,   turn   assembly   so that   it   is   supported   by   2   x   4   x   16   inch   wood   blocks 4   Remove   sling. REPAIR:   Refer   to   paragraphs   4-26   and   4-27   for repair   of   bevel   gear   assembly. FOLLOW-ON   PROCEDURE:    Install   bevel   gear assembly.   Refer   to   paragraph   4-12. End  of  Task  1 Para.   4-11,   Task   1 4 - 43 (4) out of trans-


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