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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-15. INSTALL LEFT END COVER ASSEMBLY (SHEET 1 OF 11) Task Title Page 1 Install Loose Components, Left End of Transmission 4-56 2 Install Left End Cover Assembly 4-60 3 Install Oil Filter Head Assembly 4-62 4 Install Oil Level Tube Assembly 4-63.1 TASK 1.  INSTALL LOOSE COMPONENTS, LEFT END OF TRANSMISSION COMMON TOOLS: Hammer, hand, plastic faced Handle, socket wrench, 1/2 inch square drive Press, arbor, hand operated Socket, socket wrench, 1/2 inch square drive, 9/16 inch REPAIR PARTS: Packing, preformed (filter-in and filter-out tubes) (4 required) (73342) 23040581 Packing, preformed (jumper tube) (73342) 6832517 SUPPLIES: Petrolatum (Item 14, Appendix C) Lubricating Oil (Item 10, Appendix C) Rag, wiping (Item 15, Appendix C) NOTE Transmission mounted on maintenance stand, input end turned up. When   sump   communication   tube   has   been   removed,   right   end   cover   assembly   must   remain   off transmission until sump communication tube has been installed. Go to Sheet 2 4-56  Change 2 Para.  4-15 Task 1


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