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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-16. INSTALL    RIGHT    END    COVER    ASSEMBLY (SHEET 3 OF 9) WARNING Spring-loaded   parts   can   fly   and   injure you.  Always follow specified instructions when  installing  bolts  in  covers  that  are attached to valve assemblies. 11    Install  equalizer  valve  housing  (12)  over  spring (11)  so  that  bolt  holes  and  recesses  for  tubes are aligned. 12    Use  one  hand  to  push  housing  (12)  down  on spring  (11),  and  use  other  hand  to  install  two bolts  (13)  and  washers  (14).    Turn  bolts  a  few turns to hold housing. NOTE If end of  piston  (9)  does  not  go  through housing hole (15), bolts may be loosened and piston moved by screwdriver through side of housing. 13    Using socket, carefully tighten bolts (13)  End of piston  (9)  must  come  through  hole  (15)  in  top center of housing (12) when bolts are tightened. 14    Using torque wrench, tighten bolts (13) to 36- 43 lb-ft (48-58 Nm). Install  Tubes,  Range  Output  Gear  Spacer,  Inner  Steer Shaft 15. Install two new packings (16) on lube tube (17). 16 Apply petrolatum to packings (16). NOTE End  of  lube  tube  inserted  into  center housing seats in bevel gear assembly.      Outer   end   of   tube   does not   go   down   flush   with   surface   of center housing. 17  Install lube tube (17) either end first, in center housing bore (18) adjacent  to  equalizer  housing (12). NOTE X200-4     Brake     apply     tube and 2 packings    are    loose    between    Right End Cover and Center Housing. X200-4A  Brake  apply  tube  is  pressed into   Right   Hand   Brake   support   and uses only 1 Packing. Go to Sheet 4 4-66  Change 2   Para.  4-16, Task 1


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