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TM  9-2520-272-34&P 4-17. REMOVE   TRANSMISSION   FROM   MAINTENANCE   STAND (SHEET  5  OF  7) WARNING When   rotating   transmission   from   horizontal   to   vertical   position,   weight   of transmission   is   transferred   from   three-leg   sling   to   two-leg   sling.   When transmission   center   of   gravity   shifts,   transmission   may   suddenly   tilt,   thrusting heavy   momentary   stress   on   two-leg   sling   and   hoist.   TO  avoid   bodily   injury   or death: Check   condition   of   slings;   replace   as   necessary. Stay   clear   of   slings Do   not   get   under   transmission. CAUTION Either   sling,   or   both   slings,   should   be   raised   as   necessary   to   maintain   at   least one-foot   clearance   between   transmission   and   floor.   Transmission   will   be damaged   if   it   hits   the   floor   when   weight   shifts   from   one   sling   to   the   other. 15   One   soldier   slowly   raise   two-leg   sling.   Other   soldier raise   three-leg   sling   as   necessary   to   maintain   proper clearance   between   transmission   (21)   and   floor. 16   Slowly   raise   two-leg   sling   until   entire   weight   of transmission   (21)   is   on   two-leg   sling. 17   Using   9/16   inch   socket,   remove   three-leg   sling   from transmission   (21). 18   Using   two-leg   sling,   slowly   lower   transmission   (21)   to work   table   or   floor.   Remove   hooks   of   two-leg   sling from   transmission. Go  to  Sheet  6 Para.  4-17,  Task  1 4-77        


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