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TM  9-2520-272-34&P   4-18. INSTALL   TRANSMISSION   TOP   COMPONENTS (SHEET  1  OF  16) OVERVIEW Components   cannot   be   installed   on   top   of   the   transmission   until   the   following   parts   have   been installed   in   the   top   of   the   center   housing: Bolts   holding   second   and   third   clutch   housings   (in   the   range   pack)   to   the   center housing. Pitot   signal   tubes   extending   into   the   third   clutch   backing   plate   (in   the   range   pack) from   top   of   center   housing. Governor   screen   assembly. The   above   bolts   and   pitot   tubes   are   installed   in   paragraph   4-30. The   governor   screen   assembly   is   installed   in   this   paragraph,   TASK   1. The   wiring   harness   may   be   installed   at   any   time   the   transmission   top   cover   is   off.   It   is   easier to   install   the   harness   before   control   valve   assemblies   are   installed.   A   second   wiring   harness task   is   required   to   hook   UP  harness   and   solenoid   connectors   after   control   valve   assemblies   have been   installed. Task 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Go  to  Sheet  2 Title Install   Governor   Screen   Assembly,   Oil   Transfer   Plate   Assembly and   Separator   Plate Install   Wiring   Harness   Assembly Install   G2   Backup   Valve   Assembly Install   Priority   Valve   Assembly Install   Lockup   Control   Valve   Assembly Install   Main   Control   Valve   Assembly Connect   Wiring   Harness   to   Solenoids   and   Ground Install   Transmission   Top   Cover   Assembly,   Breather and   Lifting   Brackets Page 4-81 4-84 4-86 4-87 4-88 4-89 4-91 4-93 4 - 8 0 P   a   r   a   .   4   -   1  8


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