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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-18. INSTALL   TRANSMISSION   TOP   COMPONENTS (SHEET  5  OF  16) TASK   2.   INSTALL   WIRING   HARNESS   ASSEMBLY COMMON    TOOLS: Adapter,   3/8   to   1/4   inch   square   drive Screwdriver,   phillips   cross-tip,   No.   1 Socket,   socket   wrench,   1/4   inch   square   drive,   screwdriver   bit,   cross-tip,   No.   1 Wrench,   torque,   0-200   in-lb REPAIR   PARTS: Gasket   (harness   connector)   (73342)   6832550 Screws,  No.  4-40  x  7/16  inch  (4  required)  (24617)  159184 PRELIMINARY   PROCEDURE:   Separator   plate   is   installed.   Refer   to   this   paragraph,   TASK   1. 1 2 NOTE Wiring   harness   may   be   removed/installed   any   time   that   the   top   cover   is   off. However,   when   top   components   of   transmission   have   all   been   removed,   install the   wiring   harness   after   the   separator   plate   has   been   installed   and   before   the valve   bodies   have   been   installed,   for   ease   of   installation. Harness   is   connected   to   solenoids   and   ground   after   valve   assemblies   have   been installed.   Refer   to   this   paragraph,   TASK   7. Install   new   gasket   (1)   on   wiring   harness   (2).   Pull   wiring   through   gasket   until   gasket   is   under harness   connector   (3). Feed   wiring   harness   (2)   into   center   housing   opening   (4)   and   pull   wiring   through   oil   transfer plate   opening   (5). Go   to   Sheet   6 4-84 Para.  4-18,  Task  2


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