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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-20.   REPAIR RIGHT END COVER COMPONENTS (SHEET 5 OF 14) PRELIMINARY PROCEDURE:  Right brake support assembly removed from right end cover.  Refer to paragraph 4-19. NOTE o  Right brake support assembly is mounted on two wooden blocks, outside up. o Inspect right brake support assembly for serviceability.  Replace defective pins, tubes, plugs, bearings or races.  DO NOT REMOVE SERVICEABLE COMPONENTS. Disassemble Right Brake Support Assembly 1    If removal of tube coupling (1) is necessary, tap the  center  hole  with  3/8-16   tap   to   a   depth   of about 6-8 threads. 2    Install slide hammer into coupling (1) and knock upward to remove coupling (1). 3 Thoroughly clean out all metal shavings. 4 Using  arbor  press,  remove  long  brake  reaction pin (3) from support (2). 5    Using  arbor  press,  remove  two  dowel  pins  (4) from support (2). WARNING. Hot  parts  can  burn  you.    Always  wear leather  gloves  when  working  with  parts that are or might be hot. CAUTION Use care not to cut into support (2) when using grinder to cut slots in bearing race. Go to Sheet 6 4-116  Change 2   Para.  4-20, Task 4


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