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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-20.   REPAIR RIGHT END COVER COMPONENTS (SHEET 7 OF 14) 14    Turn   support   (2)   over,   outside   up,   and   prop support with wooden block placed near pipe plug (8). 15    Using 3/16 inch hex plug end and socket handle, remove pipe plug (8) from support (2). 16    Check   bearing   bores   in   support   for   damage. Smooth   out   scratches   with   crocus   cloth.      If grinding damage is present, replace support. Assemble Right Brake Support Assembly 17    Apply   thread   locking   compound   to   threads   of pipe plug (8). NOTE On  X200-4A,  if  tube  (8)  is  damaged, replace support assembly. 18    Using  3/16  inch  hex  plug  end,  install  plug  (8)  in support (2). 19    Using  torque  wrench  and  adapter,  tighten  plug (8) to 5 lb ft (6-7 Nm). 20 Turn support over, inside up. 21 Using arbor press, install pin (3)  in    support    (2). Press   pin   to   a   height   of   3.511-3.531   inches (89.18-89.69     mm)     above     inner surface of support. 22    Using arbor press, install two pins (4) in support (2).    Press  pins  to  a  height  of  0.230-0.250  inch (5.84-6.35 mm) from shoulder. 23 Turn support (2)over, outside up. 24 Using arbor press, install needle bearing (7) with driver  against  numbered  end  of  bearing  case. Press   bearing   to    0.060-0.070    inch    (1.521.78 mm) below surface of support (2). 25    Using    arbor    press,    install    tube    coupling    (1) grooved end out, into support (2).  Press tube to a  height  of  0.620-0.660  inch  (15.75-16.76  mm) above shoulder. 26    Apply  lubricating  oil  and  petrolatum  to  bearing journals for races (5, 6) on support (2). Go to Sheet 8 4-118  Change 2 Para.4-20, Task 4


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