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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-20. REPAIR RIGHT END COVER COMPONENTS (SHEET 9 OF 14) SPECIAL TOOLS: Installer, output and brake shaft seal (19207) 11650176 FABRICATED TOOLS: Spacer, tapping insert remover, internal thread (refer to Appendix D) REPAIR PARTS: Seal, brake apply shaft (2 required) (73342) 6836137 Sleeve, (73342) 23018036 SUPPLIES: Bolt, 3/8-16 x 3 inches Nut, 3/8-16 Washer, flat, 3/8 inch Lubricating Oil (Item 10, Appendix C) Petrolatum (Item 14, Appendix C) Dry ice (Item 4, Appendix C) Wooden Block, 2 x 4 inches x 16 inches long (2 required) (Item 2, Appendix C) Sealant, lubricating, thread locking (Item 16, Appendix C) PERSONNEL REQUIRED: 2 * One soldier holds end cover steady. * One soldier removes bearing race. PRELIMINARY    PROCEDURE:    Right     end     cover     is disassembled.   Refer to paragraph 4-19. NOTE Right end cover is mounted on two wooden blocks, inside up. Disassemble Right End Cover Assembly 1 Insert  pin  punch  in  left  brake  apply  shaft  bore beyond   bearing   (1)   so   that   edge   of   punch   is seated behind edge of seal (2). 2 Using   hammer   and   pin   punch,   drive   seal   (2) from bore in right end cover (3). 3 Using   hammer   and   pin   punch,   drive   seal   (4) from beyond bearing (5) in right brake apply cam shaft bore. 4 Turn right end cover (3) over, outside up. 5 Using   bearing   puller,   remove   bearings   (1,   5) from end cover (3). Go to Sheet 10 4-120   Change 2 Para.   4-20, Task 5


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