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(SHEET 1 OF 22) Task Title Page 1 Install RH Output Shaft and Seal 4-126 2 Install Steer Gears 4-129 3 Install Right Brake Assembly 4-130 4 Install Right Brake Support Assembly, Brake Apply Cam and Brake Adjusting Links 4-134 5 Install Brake Coolant Valve Components 4-142 6 Install Brake Apply Regulator Valve Components 4-143 7 Install Left Brake Apply Shaft, Right and Left Brake Apply Indicators 4-144 8 Install RH Output Flange 4-146 WARNING Check  slings  and  lifting  devices  for  cuts,  breaks,  or  wear  before  and  during  hoisting. Slings and lifting devices can break and cause injury or death. Right end cover weighs approximately 125 pounds (57 kg).   When lifting end cover, a hoist must be used to avoid bodily injury. TASK 1. INSTALL RH OUTPUT SHAFT AND SEAL COMMON TOOLS: Gun, heat Hammer, hand, ball peen Hammer, hand, plastic faced Press, arbor, hand operated Screwdriver, flat tip SPECIAL TOOLS: Installer, output and brake shaft seal (19207) 11650176 SUPPLIES: Oil, lubricating (Item 10, Appendix C) Petrolatum (Item 14, Appendix C) Wooden Blocks, 2 x 4 inches x 16 inches long (2 required) (Item 2, Appendix C) Rag, wiping (Item 15, Appendix C) Solvent, dry cleaning (Item 8, Appendix C) Carbon Dioxide, Technical (Dry Ice) (Item 4, Appendix C) Go to Sheet 2 4-126   Change 2 Para.   4-21, Task 1


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