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Left end cover is turned inside up when not held on edge. End cover leveled by two wooden blocks on edge   positioned   under   corner   nearest   to output shaft. 1 Using   screwdrivers,   remove   retaining   ring   (1) retaining  bearing  assembly  (2)  and  LH  output shaft (3). 2 One  soldier  hold  left  end  cover  (4)  on  edge  to allow access to exterior. 3 Other soldier locate drift on inside of end of LH output  shaft  (3);  using  hammer  and  drift,  drive shaft from end cover (4). NOTE Second soldier may be dismissed. 4 Place  end  cover  (4)  on  wooden  blocks,  inside up. 5 Using  hammer  and  punch,   drive   output   shaft seal (5) from left end cover (4). 6 Remove two seal rings (6) from shaft (3). NOTE When    bearing    is    removed    from    shaft, sleeve is forced off ahead of bearing. 7 If  bearing  (2)  and  sleeve  (7)  is  to  be  replaced, press  bearing  (2)  and  sleeve  (7)  from  output shaft (3) using an arbor press. 8 X200-4A  Remove  preformed  packing  (9)  from end of shaft.   Throw away packing. FOLLOW-ON PROCEDURE: Install output shaft packing and seal.   Refer to paragraph 4-24. End of Task 2 Go to Sheet 4 4-150    Change 2 Para. 4-22, Task 2


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