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TM  9-2520-272-34&P   Section   II.   LOCATION   AND   DESCRIPTION   OF   MAJOR   TRANSMISSION   ASSEMBLIES Paragraph TitIe Page 1-10 IMajor   Assemblies   of   the   Transmission 1- 4 1-10.  MAJOR  ASSEMBLIES  OF  THE  TRANSMISSION Transmission   Top   Cover   Assembly.    Covers   the   control   valve   assemblies.   Contains   push-start control   rod   and   houses   the   vacuum   modulator. Control   Valve   Assemblies.   Include   the   valves,   springs,   and   other   components   which   control   the selection   of   ranges   and   automatic   shifting   of   gears   The   control   valve   assemblies   are   mounted on   the   separator   plate   and   oil   transfer   plate   assembly   at   the   top   of   the   transmission   center housing. Separator   Plate,   Oil   Transfer   Plate   Assembly. Channel   oil   between   control   valve   assemblies and   transmission   center   housing. Left   End   Cover   Assembly.    Covers   range   gears,   range   pack,   and   hydrostatic   gears.   Contains   oil filter   and   filter   cover,   output   shaft,   and   coupling   that   transfers   power   to   final   drive. Right   End   Cover   Assembly.    Covers   left   brake   assembly,   governor   body,   equalizer   valve,   steer shaft   and   gears,   range   output   gears,   and   hydrostatic   drive   gear. Contains   right   brake   assembly, steer   gears,   brake   apply   shafts   for   left   and   right   brakes,   brake   apply   valve,   brake   coolant   valve, right   brake   adjust   access   cover,   and   output   coupling   that   transfers   power   to   final   drive. Torque   Converter   Components.   The   torque   converter   consists   of   three   elements:   pump assembly,   stator   assembly,   and   turbine   assembly.   The   pump   assembly   is   driven   by   the   engine through   the   fIywheel. The   turbine   assembly   is   the   output   element.   The   stator   assembly   is   the reaction    (torque-multiplying)    element. Input   Housinq   Assembly.   Covers   the   bevel   gear   assembly   and   the   hydrostatic   pump   and   motor steer   control   assembly.   Houses   the   torque   converter   components.   Contains   port   for   steer   shaft and   access   port   for   steering   adjustment. Bevel   Gear   Assembly.    Contains   bevel   gears   for   transfer   of   power   to   left   and   right   sides   in cross-d   rive   system. Houses  and  drives  oil  pumps  and  houses  push-start  valve. Hydrostatic   Pump   and   Motor   Assembly.    Power   steering   unit.   The   steer   control   assembly   must be   removed   in   order   to   remove   the   hydrostat   from   the   transmission   External   gears   are removed   when   the   hydrostat   is   replaced.   Otherwise,   the   hydrostat   is   not   dealt   with   at   the Direct   and   General   Support   maintenance   level. Center   Housinq   Assembly.    The   main   part   of   the   transmission.   Channels   oil   to   various assemblies   and   houses   all   major   transmission   assemblies.   Contains   drilled   and   tapped   bosses   on bottom   for   mounting   transmission   to   maintenance   stand. 1-4 Para.  1-10


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