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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-28. DISASSEMBLE   CENTER   HOUSING 28 29 30 31 32 (SHEET  5  OF  19) Remove   thrust   washer   bearing   (35)   from   underside   of assembly   removed   in   Step   27   or   from   left   steer   and output   sun   gear   (36). Using   screwdriver,   remove   retaining   ring   (34)   from brake   clutch   drum   (33). Remove   output   planetary   (32)   from   drum   (33). With   one   hand,   press   downward   on   clutch   disk   (37), against   spring   force,   near   retaining   ring   (38).   Using long   nose   pliers,   remove   retaining   ring   (38).   Using same   method,   remove   five   more   retaining   rings   (38). Remove   disk   (37). CAUTION When   removing,   handling,   or   installing clutch   packs,   keep   all   clutch   disks   and plates   in   the   same   order   and   facing   the same   way.   Under   heat   and   pressure, clutch   plates   can   take   on   a   conical   shape, called   coning. Each   plate   will   differ   in degree   of   coning. When   coned   plates   are mixed   or   turned   over,   they   cannot   seat properly   against   each   other.   This   can prevent   plates   from   making   adequate surface   contact   with   each   other   for   the clutch   pack   to   operate   effectively. When   one   clutch   disk   or   plate   needs   to   be replaced,   replace   the   entire   clutch   pack. Individual   clutch   plates   should   not   be replaced,   because   such   new   plates   will   not have   the   surface   contour   of   adjoining older   plates,   decreasing   effectiveness   of the   clutch   pack. 33   Remove   left   brake   clutch   pack   (39)   consisting   of eleven   disks   and   plates. 34   Remove   six   helical   compression   springs   (40). Go   to   Sheet   6 4-176 Para.   4-28,   Task   1


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