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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-28. DISASSEMBLE   CENTER   HOUSING (SHEET  9  OF  19) 4   Install   S-hook   in   eyebolt. 5   Attach   sling   to   S-hook   and   raise   hydrostat   (4)   out   of transmission   (1). 6   Lay   hydrostat   (4)   on   table   and   remove   sling,   S-hook, and   eyebolt. NOTE o   Gears   located   on   each   end   of   hydrostat may   be   removed   when   hydrostat   is   in   the transmission,   or   gears   may   be   removed after   hydrostat   has   been   removed   from transmission. o   Hydrostatic   drive   gear   (6)   in   Step   7   below is   located   on   the   end   of   the   hydrostat where   the   eyebolt   was   attached. 7   Using   external   retaining   ring   pliers,   remove   retaining ring   (7)   that   holds   hydrostatic   drive   gear   (6)   on hydrostat   (4). 8   Remove   hydrostatic   gear   (6)   from   hydrostat   (4). 9   Usinq   external   retaining   ring   pliers,   remove   retaining ring   (8)   that   holds   hydrostatic   gear   (9)   on   hydrostat   (4). 10   Remove   hydrostatic   gear   (9)   from   hydrostat   (4). FOLLOW-ON   PROCEDURE:   Install   hydrostatic   pump and   motor   assembly.   Refer   to   paragraph   4-30. End  of  Task  4 Go   to   Sheet   10 4-180 Para.   4-28,   Task   4


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