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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-28. DISASSEMBLE (SHEET   19   OF CENTER   HOUSING 19) TASK   7.   REMOVE   IDLER   GEAR   ASSEMBLY TOOLS: Extension,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   6   inch Handle,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive Socket,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   9/16   inch SUPPLIES: Bolt,   5/16-18   x   1   inch   (2   required) NOTE Transmission   is   on   maintenance   stand,   left   end   up. PRELIMINARY   PROCEDURE:   Left   end   cover   is removed.   Refer   to   paragraph   4-8. 1   Using   socket   and   extension,   remove   six   bolts   (1)   and washers   (2)   that   retain   bearing   retaining   plate   (3)   to center   housing. 2   Using   socket   and   extension,   install   two   3/8-16   x   1   inch bolts   (4)   in   jacking   holes   (5)   in   retainer   (3).   Tighten bolts   evenly   until   retainer   loosens. NOTE Outer   race   of   bearing,   located   on   top   of hydrostatic   pump   idler   gear,   will   come   off with    retainer. 3   Remove   retaining   plate   (3). 4   Remove   jack   bolts   (4). NOTE Outer   race   of   bearing,   located   under hydrostatic   pump   idler   gear,   remains   in center   housing. 5   Remove   hydrostatic   pump   idler   gear   (6). REPAIRS: •  Refer   to   paragraph   4-29   for   replacement   of bearings   on   idler   gear   (6). Refer   to   paragraph   4-29   for   repair   of   center housing. FOLLOW-ON    PROCEDURE:   Install   left   idler   gear assembly.   Refer   to   paragraph   4-30. End  of  Task  7 4-190 Para.   4-28,   Task   7


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