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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-32. REPAIR   CONVERTER   ELEMENT (SHEET  1  OF  3) COMPONENTS Task Title Page 1 Repair   Converter   Pump   Cover   Assembly 2 Repair   Stator   Group 4-250 4-251 TASK   1.   REPAIR   CONVERTER   PUMP   COVER   ASSEMBLY COMMON   TOOLS: Chisel,   cold Hammer,   hand,   ball   peen Pliers,    retaining    ring,    external Press,   arbor,   hand   operated Screwdriver,   flat   tip SUPPLIES: Lubricating   Oil   (Item   10,   Appendix   C) REPAIR    PARTS: Packing,   preformed   (73342)   6770820 Seal   Ring,   transmission   (73342)   6758036 Disassemble   Converter   Pump   Cover   Assembly 1   Using   retaining   ring   pliers,   remove   retaining   ring   (1). 2   Turn   assembly   over   and   drop   assembly   on   work   bend   to bump   piston   (2)   out. 3   Using   screwdriver,   remove   seal   ring   (3)   from   piston   (2) and   preformed   packing   (4)   from   retainer   (5). 4   If   replacement   is   necessary,   using   hammer   and   chisel, remove   retainer   (5). Assemble   Converter   Pump   Cover   Assembly 5   Using   arbor   press,   install   retainer cover   (6). 6   Install   seal   ring   (3)   onto   piston   (2) packing   (4)   onto   new   retainer   (5). (4)   and   seal   ring   (3). 7   Install   piston   (2)   into   pump   cover, in  piston  (2)  with  stud  in  cover  (6). to  a  seat  in  pump and   preformed Apply   oil   to   packing aligning   bleed   hole 8   Using   retaining   ring   pliers,   install   retaining   ring   (1). FOLLOW-ON    PROCEDURE:    Install   converter   pump cover   assembly   into   transmission.   Refer   to paragraph   4-14. End  of  Task  1 Go  to  Sheet  2 4-250 Para.  4-32,  Task  1


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