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TM    9-2520-272-34&P CHAPTER   5 FINAL    ADJUSTMENTS    AND    PREPARATION FOR   STORAGE   OR   SHIPMENT Section   I.   INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW Final   static   checks   and   adjustments   shall   be   performed   after   the   General   Support   Maintenance actions   have   been   completed   and   prior   to   shipment   or   storage. Functional   tests   shall   be   performed   with   the   transmission   coupled   to   the   engine   and   the powerpack   installed   in   the   vehicle.   (Refer   to   TM   9-1450-300-20   or   TM   9-2350-277-20) Functional   tests   must   include   correct   oil   and   level   and   a   thorough   inspection   for   oil   leaks, steering   adjustment   check,   and   brake   adjustment   check.   Maintenance   records   shall   be   reviewed for   complete   and   correct   entries. 5-1   CHAPTER   CONTENTS Section Paragraph 5-2 5-3 I 5-4 Title Introduction Checks   and   Adjustments Output   Shaft   Drag   Check Brake   Adjustment I Preservation    and    Storage Install   Transmission   in   Container Section   II.   CHECKS   AND   ADJUSTMENTS Page 5-1 5-1 5-1 5 4 I 5-9 5-9 5-2.   OUTPUT   SHAFT   DRAG   CHECK (SHEET   1   OF  3) OVERVIEW When   the   left   or   right   end   cover   has   been   removed   and   maintenance   work   has   been   performed   in either   cover,   or   in   the   left   or   right   end   of   the   center   housing,   the   output   shaft(s)   on   the   side(s) where   the   work   was   performed   must   be   given   a   drag   check.   This   check   will   indicate   if   an assembly   error   exists   such   as   omission   of   a   spacer   or   gear   or   binding   of   parts The   output   shaft   drag   check   is   performed   after   assembly   of   the   transmission   has   been completed.   The   transmission   must   be   on   the   work   table   or   on   the   floor   in   the   normal   upright operating    position. Go  to  Sheet  2 Para.   5-1 5-1


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