Quantcast Section   III.   PRESERVATION   AND   STORAGE

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TM    9-2520-272-34&P Section   III.   PRESERVATION   AND   STORAGE 5-4.   INSTALL   TRANSMISSION   IN   CONTAINER (SHEET  1   OF  2) OVERVIEW Transmissions   repaired   at   General   Support   level   are   usually   reinstalled   in   the   vehicle.   Some- times   a   repaired   transmission   is   to   be   returned   to   a   depot   or   retained   in   long   term   storage. Proper   preparation   for   packing   the   transmission   in   a   container   is   important.   The   transmission should   be   clean   and   drained   of   fluid.   All   appropriate   plugs   and   covers   should   be   installed   on   all inlets   and   outlets. Task Title Page 1 Install   Transmission   in   Container I 5-9 TASK   1.   INSTALL   TRANSMISSION   IN   CONTAINER COMMON   TOOLS: Bar,   pry,   15   inch Extension,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   6   inch Handle,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive Hoist,   2-ton   minimum   capacity Socket,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   3/4 Socket,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   drive,   9/1 Universal   Joint,   socket   wrench,   1/2   inch   square   d Wrench,   combination,   3/4   inch Wrench,   combination,   9/16   inch Wrench,   torque,   0-175   ft-lb SPECIAL    TOOLS: Lifting   Sling,   2   leg   (19207)   12268037 SUPPLIES: Dehydrating   agent   (Item   7,   Appendix   C) 1   Inspect   closure   gasket   (1)   for   bends,   breaks   or distortion.    Replace    if    necessary. 2   Using   9/16   inch   socket   and   wrench,   install   six   bolts   (2), washers   (3)   and   nuts   (4)   that   hold   two   brackets   (5)   to transmission    converter    housing    (6). 3   Using   torque   wrench,   tighten   nuts   (4)   to   24-28   lb-ft (32-37   N•m). Go  to  Sheet  2 Change   1   5-9 Para.  5-4,  Task  1


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