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TM   9-2520-272-34&P APPENDIX   B ORGANIZATIONAL,    DIRECT    SUPPORT,    AND GENERAL    SUPPORT    MAINTENANCE REPAIR   PARTS   AND   SPECIAL   TOOLS   LIST (INCLUDING   DEPOT   MAINTENANCE   REPAIR   PARTS) SECTION   L   INTRODUCTION 1. This   RPSTL   lists   and   authorizes   spares   and   repair   parts;   special   tools;   special   test, measurement,   and   diagnostic   equipment   (TMDE);   and   other   special   support   equipment   required for   performance   of   organizational,   direct   support,   and   general   support   maintenance   of   the X200-4   transmission.   It   authorizes   the   requisitioning,   issue,   and   disposition   of   spares,   repair parts   and   special   tools   as   indicated   by   the   source,   maintenance   and   recoverability   (SMR)   codes. 2. General. In   addition   to   Section   I,   Introduction,   this   Repair   Parts   and   Special   Tools   List   is   divided   into the   following   sections: a. Section  II  -  Repair  Parts  List.   A   list   of   spares   and   repair   parts   authorized   by   this RPSTL   for   use   in   the   performance   of   maintenance. The   list   also   includes   parts   which   must   be removed   for   replacement   of   the   authorized   parts. Parts   lists   are   composed   of   functional groups   in   ascending   alphanumeric   sequence,   with   the   parts   in   each   group   listed   in   ascending figure   and   item   number   sequence.   Repair   parts   kits   appear   as   the   last   entries   in   the   repair parts   listing   for   the   figure   in   which   its   parts   are   listed   as   repair   parts   Repair   parts   for repairable   special   tools   are   also   listed   in   the   section. b. Section   III-   Special   Tools   List.   A   list   of   special   tools,   special   TMDE,   and   other special   support   equipment   authorized   by   this   RPSTL   (as   indicated   by   Basis   of   Issue   (BOI) information   in   DESCRIPTION   AND   USABLE   ON   CODE   (UOC)   column)   for   the   performance maintenance. c. Section   IV   -   National   Stock   Number   and   Part   Number   Index.   A   list,   in   National o f item   identification   number   (NIIN)   sequence,   of   all   National   stock   numbered   items   appearing   in the   listings,   followed   by   a   list   in   alphanumeric   sequence   of   all   part   numbers   appearing   in   the listing.   National   stock   numbers   and   part   numbers   are   cross-referenced   to   each   illustration figure   and   item   number   appearance. B-1 S c o p e.


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