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TM   9-2520-272-34&P Code Z B Application/Explanation Nonreparable. No   repair   is   authorized. No   repair   is   authorized.   (No   parts   or   special tools   are   authorized   for   the   maintenance   of   a   “B” coded   item.)   However,   the   item   maybe   reconditioned by  adjusting,  lubricating,  etc.,  at  the  user  level. (3) Recoverability   Code.   Recoverability   codes   are   assigned   to   items   to   indicate the   disposition   action   on   unserviceable   items.   The   recoverability   code   is   entered   in   the   fifth position   of   the   SMR   Code   as   follows: Recoverability Codes Application/Explanation Z Nonreparable   item.   When   unserviceable,   condemn and   dispose   of   the   item   at   the   level   of   maintenance shown   in   third   position   of   SMR   Code. O Reparable   item.   When   uneconomically   reparable, condemn   and   dispose   of   the   item   at   organizational level. F Reparable   item.   When   uneconomically   reparable, condemn   and   dispose   of   the   item   at   the   direct support   level. H Reparable   item.   When   uneconomically   reparable, condemn  and  dispose  of  the  item  at  the  general support   level. D Reparable   item.   When   beyond   lower   level   repair capability,   return   to   depot.   Condemnation   and disposal   of   item   not   authorized   below   depot   level. L A Reparable   item. Condemnation   and   disposal   not authorized   below   specialized   repair   activity   (SRA). Item   requires   special   handling   or condemnation   procedures   because   of   specific reasons   (e.g.,   precious   metal   content,   high dollar   value,   critical   material,   or   hazardous material).   Refer   to   appropriate   manuals/ directives    for    specific    instructions. c. FSCM   (Column   (3)).   The   Federal   Supply   Code   for   Manufacturer   (FSCM)   is   a   5-digit numeric   code   which   is   used   to   identify   the   manufacturer,   distributor,   or   Government   agency, etc.,   that   supplies   the   item. B-5


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