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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 1-18.   TRANSMISSION   DATA   (Continued BRAKES Type Service   apply Parking/emergency   apply DECELERATION   RATE OIL   SYSTEM: Capacity Sump F i l t e r WEIGHT   (DRY) with    container Multiple   wet   plate Hydraulic   with   mechanical   actuation Mechanical   back-up   service   brakes 16  feet/second/second   12   gallons Integral Integral,   two   stage   with   differential   pressure warning   switch   and   automatic   bypass 975   pounds   max Approximately   1500   pounds Section   V.   CONTAINER Paragraph I Title I Page 1-19 Purpose   and   Description   of   Container 1-14 1-19.   PURPOSE   AND   DESCRIPTION   OF   CONTAINER The   transmission   is   installed   in   a   protective   container   for   storage   or   shipment.   Desiccant (Item   7,   Appendix   C)   is   placed   within   the   container   to   absorb   moisture.   The   container   has   a humidity   indicator,   an   air   release   valve,   and   a   desiccant   receptacle.   It   is   equipped   for   handling by    forklift. Basic   container   data: DIMENSIONS: Height Width Depth WEIGHT: Empty With    transmission 42.64   inches 48.56   inches 44.75   inches Approximately   500   pounds Approximately   1500   pounds 1-14   Change   1 Para.   1-19


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