Quantcast MALFUNCTION,   TEST   OR   INSPECTION,   AND   CORRECTIVE   ACTION   PROCEDURES (Continued) - TM-9-2520-272-34P_47

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TM   9-2520-272-34-P 24.   MALFUNCTION,   TEST   OR   INSPECTION,   AND   CORRECTIVE   ACTION   PROCEDURES (Continued) MALFUNCTION TEST   OR   INSPECTION CORRECTIVE  ACTION 8. TRANSMISSION  DOES  NOT  UPSHIFT PRELIMINARY    TROUBLESHOOTING.    Organization    maintenance    determined:    Throttle   modulator   and   associated   linkage   operated   properly.      •       Throttle valve (TV)   pressure was outside of  specified  limit.                     Step   1. Replace   control   valve   assembly   in   accordance   with   para.   4-5   and check   TV   pressure   in   accordance   with   para.   2-6   with   engine   running   at 2500   rpm   and   shift   lever   at   N. TV   pressure   must   be   91-97   psi   (627-669 kPa). a.   If   TV   pressure   is   within   limits,   go   to   Step   2. b.   If   TV   pressure   is   outside   of   specified   Iimits   replace   separator   plate   and gasket   in   accordance   with   para.   4-5   and   check   TV   pressure   in   accordance with   para.   2-6   with   engine   running   at   2500   rpm   and   shift   lever   at   N.   TV pressure   must   be   91-97   psi   (627-669   kPa).   GO  to   step   2. Step   2.   Check   vehicle   operation 9. TRANSMISSION   DOES   NOT   DOWNSHIFT PRELIMINARY    TROUBLESHOOTING.    Organizational    maintenance    determined: Governor   two   (G2)   pressure   was   normal. Step  1. Replace   control   valve   assembly   in   accordance   with   para.   4-5. Step  2.    Check  vehicle  operation   10. TRANSMISSION   SHIFTS   ARE   ERRATIC PRELIMINARY    TROUBLESHOOTING.    Organizational    maintenance    determined: With   throttle   modulator   and   associated   linkage   operating properly,   TV   pressure   increased   erratically   as   throttle   was increased,   or, Throttle   modulator   and   associated   linkage,   TV   pressure,   and governor   two   (G2)   pressure   were   normal   with   original   symptom still   present. Step  1. Replace   control   valve   assembly   in   accordance   with   para.   4-5. Step   2 Check   vehicle   operation. a.   If   vehicle   operation   is   normal,   return   vehicle   to   service. b.   If   vehicle   shifts   remain   erratic,   transmission   is   defective   beyond   the   level of   Direct   Support   Maintenance. Separate   transmission   in   accordance   with TM   9-1450-300-34   or   TM   9-2350-277-34   and   send   to   General   Support. 2-12 Para.   2-4


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