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TM  9-2520-272-34&P   P PHYSICAL   -   Method   of   inspecting   parts   requiring   action. PITTING  -  A  material  surface  cavity  usually  with  defined  rough  edges.  Usually  caused  by corrosion. R RANGE   PACK   -   The   area   of   the   transmission   consisting   of   the It   basically   consists   of   the   parts   and   assemblies   which   function planetary   gearing   and   clutches. individually   or   collectively   to vary  speed  and  power  output  or  to  change  forward-reverse  direction. S SCORING   -   Deep   tears   or   breaks   in   material   surfaces   from   foreign   contact   under   pressure. May   show   temperature   effects   from   high   friction. SCRATCHES   -   Slight   tears   or   breaks   in   material   surface   from   momentary   foreign   object contact. SURFACE   ABRASIONS   -   A   surface   condition   where   surface   material   is   displaced   or   removed. V VISUAL   -   Method   of   inspecting   parts   using   unaided   human   eye. W WEAR   -   A   loss   of   material   from   contacting   surfaces.   Normal   wear   is   the   slow   loss   of   material from   contacting   surfaces. Wear  has  a  polished  finish  and  leaves  a  pronounced  pattern. ± o % * * * Section  III.   SYMBOLS Plus  or  Minus Degree,   Temperature   or   Angular Percent Footnote Footnote Glossary  6


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