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TM  9-2520-272-34&P     D Data   Plate Data   Transmission Disassembly   of   Transmission   into   Major   Assemblies Disassembly,   Repair   and   Assembly   of   Major   Assemblies Drag   Check,   Output   Shaft E EIR End   Cover   Assembly left,   assemble left,   disassemble left,    install left,   remove left,    repair right,   assemble right,   disassemble right,   install right,   remove right,   repair End   Cover   Components left,   repair right,   repair Equalizer   Valve   Components install remove Equipment   Data Equipment    Improvement    Recommendations    (EIR) Equipment   Items   Covered Errors,    reporting Expendable   Supplies   and   Materials   List F Fabricated   Shop   Aids,   Tools Filter   head   Assembly,   oil install remove Final   Adjustments   and   Preparation   for   Storage   or   Shipment Forward   Clutch   Housing   Assembly,   repair Fourth   and   Reverse   Clutch   Housing   Assembly,   repair Functions   of   the   Transmission 1-3 1-13 4-2 4-96 5-1 1-2 4-155 4-148 4-60 4-28 4-152 4-126 4-96 4-70 4-20 4-119 4-152 4-112 4-64 4-26 1-13 1-2 4-1 i C-1 3-8,  D-1 4-62 4-27 5-1 4-198 4-202 1-2 Index-3


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