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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 3-8.   MANDATORY   REPLACEMENT   PARTS Replace   parts   that   may   be   deformed   during   use   or   damaged   during   removal.   SUCH   ITEMS SHOULD   BE   DISCARDED   WHEN   THEY   ARE   REMOVED.   Replacement   items   used   in reassembly   must   be   new. The   following   parts   will   be   replaced   each   time   they   are   removed   in   transmission   disassembly: Gaskets Preformed   packings •     Oil seals •   Lockstrips •   Tab   washers •  L o c k n u t s Mandatory   Replacement   Parts   in   Event   of   Metal   Contamination.   In   addition   to   standard replacement   parts   listed   above,   the   following   MINIMUM   repair   and   replacement   must   be performed   in   all   cases   of   metal   contamination: Replace   the   hydrostatic   pump   and   motor. Replace   the   control   valve   assemblies. Replace   the   bevel   gear   assembly,   including   all   oil   pumps CLEAN   AND   INSPECT   ALL   PARTS;   replace   parts   as   necessary. 3-9.   PARTS   REQUIREMENTS   FOR   PRELIMINARY   PROCEDURES The   headings   of   maintenance   tasks   contain   the   reference   PRELIMINARY   PROCEDURE.   The PRELIMINARY   PROCEDURE   provides   names   and   locations   of   other   procedures   to   be completed   before   you   can   start   work   on   your   assigned   task. When   preliminary   procedures   are   needed   only   to   gain   access   to   a   work   area,   examine   the   items in   REPAIR   PARTS   and   SUPPLIES   of   the   preliminary   procedure   Select   only   the   supplies   and parts   needed   to   complete   your   work   requirement. 3-10.   LOCALLY   FABRICATED   SHOP   AIDS When   a   maintenance   task   includes   an   item   to   be   fabricated,   the   item   is   listed   under   the   heading FABRICATED   TOOLS.   These   fabricated   shop   aids   are   listed   in   Appendix   D   by   the   paragraph number   in   which   they   are   used. 3-11.   REPAIR   PARTS Repair   parts   are   listed   and   illustrated   in   Appendix   B   of   this   manual. 3-8 Para.   3-8


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