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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-40    REMOVE    TRANSMISSION    FROM    CONTAINER (SHEET  1  OF  2) Task Title Page Remove   Transmission   from   Container I 4-3 TASK   1.   REMOVE   TRANSMISSION   FROM   CONTAINER COMMON   TOOLS: Extension,   socket   wrench   1/2   inch   square   drive,   6   inch Handle,   socket   wrench   1/2   inch   square   drive Hoist,    2-ton    minimum    capacity Socket,   socket   wrench   1/2   inch   square   drive,   3/4   inch Socket,   socket   wrench   1/2   inch   square   drive,   9/16   inch Universal   Joint,   socket   wrench   1/2   inch   square   drive Wrench   combination,   3/4   inch Wrench   combination,   9/16   inch SPECIAL    TOOLS: Lifting   Sling,   two-leg   (19207)   12668037 SUPPLIES: Rags,   wiping   (Item   15,   Appendix   C) WARNING Check   slings   and   lifting   devices   for   cuts,   breaks,   or   wear   before   and   during hoisting.   Slings   and   lifting   devices   can   break   and   cause   injury   or   death. Transmission   and   container   weigh   about   1500   pounds   (680kg).   To   avoid   injury or   death,   keep   out   from   under   and   clear   of   transmission   at   all   times.   Do   not let   transmission   swing   freely   during   hoisting. Container   will   normally   have   Up   to   one   psi   internal   differential   pressure,   but high   ambient   temperature   and   check   valve   malfunction   may   cause   increased pressure   within   the   container.   Opening   a   pressurized   container   may   cause bodily   injury.   To   avoid   injury,   be   sure   internal   and   external   pressures   have been   equalized.   Refer   to   step   1. Go  to  Sheet  2 Para.   4-4,   Task   1 4-3 1


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