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TM  9-2520-272-34&P   4-5.   REMOVE   TRANSMISSION   TOP   COMPONENTS (SHEET  2  OF  8) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 CAUTION Care   should   be   taken   not   to   let   dirt   get   into   control   valve   assemblies   when   top cover   is   removed. Contamination   of   control   valves   can   cause   transmission failure. NOTE Transmission   upright   on   floor   or   work   table. Using   open   end   of 3/4   inch   combination   wrench   hold   reducer   (1)   located   under   breather   (2). Using   5/8   inch   socket   on   nut   at   top   of   breather   (2),   unscrew   breather   from   reducer   (1). using   combination   wrench,   remove   reducer   (1)   from   transmission. Using   open   end   of   9/16   inch   combination   wrench,   remove   two   bolts   (3)   and   washers   (4)   from each   lifting   bracket   (5). Remove   left   and   right   lifting   brackets   (5). Using   1/2   inch   socket,   remove   26   flanged-head   bolts (6)  from  top  cover  (7). Remove   transmission   top   cover   (7)   and   gasket   (8)   from transmission   If   necessary   tap   cover   (7)   with   Plastic faced   hammer   to   loosen. REPAIR:  Refer   to   paragraph   4-31   for   repair   of transmission   top   cover. FOLLOW-ON   PROCEDURE:    Install   transmission   top cover   assembly. Refer   to   paragraph   4-18. End  of  Task  1 Go  to  Sheet  3 4-6 Para.  4-5,  Task  1


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