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TM   9-2520-272-34&P 4-5.   REMOVE   TRANSMISSION   TOP   COMPONENTS (SHEET  8  OF  8) 5   Using   1/2   inch   socket,   remove   bolt   (7)   and   washer \ from   oil   transfer   plate   assembly   (9). CAUTION A   5/16-inch   diameter   check   ball   (10)   is located   in   a   bore   on   the   top   side   of   the   oil transfer   plate,   beneath   the   location   of   the G2   backup   valve. Care   should   be   taken   not to   turn   the   oil   transfer   plate   over   and   drop the   ball   into   the   transmission.   The   ball could   damage   the   transmission   if   it   drops into   transmission   and   is   not   removed. 6   Remove   oil   transfer   plate   assembly   (9). REPAIR:  Refer   to   paragraph   4-31   for   repair   of   the oil   transfer   plate   assembly. 7   After   oil   transfer   plate   (9)   has   been   moved   away   from transmission,   remove   check   ball   (10)   from   transfer plate   and   put   ball   in   a   secure   location. 8   Remove   oil   transfer   plate   gasket   (11)   from   top   of center   housing   (12). 9   Using   pliers,   remove   governor   screen   assembly   (13) from   port   in   top   of   center   housing   (12). FOLLOW-ON   PROCEDURE:          Install     governor     screen assembly,   oil   transfer   plate   gasket,   oil   transfer plate,   and   separator   plate.   Refer   to   paragraph   4-18. End  of  Task  7 4-12 Para.   4-5,   Task   7 ( 8 )


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