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ARMY TM 9-2805-256-14 AIR FORCE TO 38G2-102-2 NAVY NAVFAC P-8-611-14E 6-9. Camshaft, Camshaft Axle, and Tappets. This  task  covers: a. Removal b.  Inspection c.   Installation INITIAL  SETUP Tools Equipment   Condition General  Mechanic’s  Tool  Kit  (Item  1,  Appendix  B) Crankshaft  removed  (para.  6-8) Puller  Kit,  Mechanical  (NSN  5120-00-423-1596) (Item  3,  Appendix  B) Materials/Parts Rags,  Wiping  (Item  6,  Appendix  D) Solvent,  Drycleaning  (Item  7,  Appendix  D) Seal  (NSN  5330-00-797-4639) a. Removal. (figure 6-7) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Remove camshaft axle plug (1) and seal (2). Install a long screw, with the same thread size as an oil pan screw, into the camshaft axle (3) and remove  axle. Remove  screw  from  camshaft  axle  (3). Remove  camshaft  (4)  and  valve  tappets  (5). Remove clip (6) from camshaft axle (3). 6-12


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