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ARMY TM 9-2805-257-14 AIR FORCE TO 38G2-103-2 NAVY NAVFAC P-8-612-14E 5-17. Intake and Exhaust Valves. This  task  covers: a.  Removal b.  Installation INITIAL  SETUP Tools Equipment   Condition General  Mechanic’s  Tool  Kit  (item  1,  Appendix  B) Cylinder  head  assembly  removed  (para.  5-14). Compressor,  Valve  Spring  (NSN  5330-00-096-6677) (Item 3, Appendix B) a. Removal. (figure 5-16) NOTE The  removal  and  installation  procedures  are  the  same  for  intake  and  exhaust  valve. (1) Remove rocker shaft clip (1) and remove rocker shaft (2). (2) Remove rocker arm (3). (3) Using suitable valve spring compressor, compress valve spring (4) and remove two retainers (5), valve (6), spring (4) and rotocap (7). (4) Replace any damaged or defective parts. Refer to Table 5-2 for wear limits. b. Instalation. (figure 5-16) (1) Install valve (6), spring (4), rotocap (7) in cylinder head (8). (2) Using suitable valve spring compressor compress spring (4) and install two retainers (5). (3) Install rocker arm (3), rocker shaft (2) and rocker shaft clip (1). 5-36


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