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ARMY TM 9-2805-257-14 AIR FORCE TO 38G2-103-2 NAVY NAVFAC P-8-612-14E A P P E N D I X    E T O R Q U E     L I M I TS E-1. General.  Table E-1 provides torque limits to be observed when installing attaching hardware or spark plugs. Table E-7. Torque Limits. Attaching  Part Range Flywheel  bolt 240-300  in.  lb  (42864-53580  gr  cm) Cylinder  head  nuts 140-155  in.  lb  (25004-27683  gr  cm) Rocker  arm  adjusting  screw  lock  nuts 44-55 in. lb (7858-9823 gr cm) Intake  manifold  to  cylinder  head  bolts 45-50  in.  lb  (8037-8930  gr  cm) Muffler  to  cylinder  head  bolts 60-85  in.  lb  (10715-15181  gr  cm) Spark  plugs 275-300 in. lb (49115-53580 gr cm) Connecting  rod  bolts 90-100  in.  lb  (16074-17860  gr  cm) Oil  pan  screws 25-30 in. lb (4465-5358 gr cm) Bearing  cap  nuts 100-125  in  lb  (17860-22325  gr  cm) Fuel pump bolts 45-50  in.  lb  (8037-8930  gr  cm) Governor  housing  screws 25-30 in. lb (4465-5358 gr cm) Carburetor  mounting  bolts 60-85  in.  lb  (10715-15181  gr  cm) E-1/(  E-2  blank)


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