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ARMY  TM  9-2805-262-14 AIR FORCE TO 38G2-90-1 NAVY  NAVFAC  P-8-613-14E 4-34.  Cylinder   Head   Cover,   Internal   Cover,   and   Baffles   (cont). c. Installation (figure 4-29) (1) Install baffle (9) and secure with spring (8). NOTE When  installing  cylinder  cover  and  internal  cover  on  engines  equipped  with  breakerless ignition  system,  use  two  of  the  three  screws  that  secure  cylinder  cover  and  internal  cover to  secure  ignition  control  unit. (2) install loop clamps on high tension cables as noted. (3) Install cylinder head cover (6), internal cover (7) and secure with three screws (4) and washers (5). (4) Install high tension cables (2) and tighten connector nuts (1). 4-62


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