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ARMY  TM  9-2805-262-14 AIR  FORCE  TO  38G2-90-1 NAVY  NAVFAC  P-8-613-14E 4-23.  Fuel  Line. This  task  covers: Replacement INITIAL  SETUP Tools General Mechanic’s Tool Kit (Item 1, Appendix B) WARNING Do not smoke or use an open flame in the vicinity of gasoline vapors. Replacement (figure 4-15) (1) (2) (3) Loosen fitting nuts (1) and (2) and remove fuel line (3). Inspect threads on fitting nuts (1) and (2) and replace fuel line (3) if threads are stripped, or fuel line is otherwise   damaged. Install fuel line (3) and tighten fitting nuts (1) and (2). 4-34


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