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TM    9-2815-202-34 Section   V.   ENGINE   lNSTALLATION/REMOVAL   ONTO   MAINTENANCE   STAND 3-16.   ENGINE   ON   MAINTENANCE   STAND   INSTALLATION/REMOVlAL This task covers: a. Stand Preparation b.  Installation c.  Removal INITIAL   SETUP MODELS TOOLS AND SPECIAL TOOLS A l l General mechanics tool kit (App B, Item 96) Three-legged sling (App B, Item 84) Four-legged sling (App B, Item 82) Maintenance stand (App B, Item 85) Cradle (App B, Item 14) Drain unit (App B, Item 15) Brackets  (App  B,  Item  8) a.   Maintenance   Stand   Preparation (1) Attach engine cradle assembly (1) to engine maintenance stand (2) at hole location number 5. (2)  Install  four  mounting  brackets  (3)  to  side  of  engine  block  using  two  bolts  (4),  two  flat  washers (5), and two Iockwashers (6) per bracket. Leave brackets loose for flexibility. 3-42 Change   1


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