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TM9-2815-202-34 (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) Slide  clamps  (12)  and  rubber  connectors  (13)  onto  water  bypass  tube  (14).  Remove  tube. Remove clamps (12) and rubber connectors (13) from bypass tube (14). Remove two bolts (16) and two flat washers (17). Loosen bolt (18) and remove water outlet connection  (5)  by  sliding  upward. Remove bolt (18), Iockwasher (19), flat washer (20), and gasket (21) from right bank cylinder head  (22).  Discard  Iockwasher  and  gasket. Remove five bolts (23) and five Iockwashers (24) securing thermostat cover (25) to thermostat  housing  (4).  Remove  gasket  (26)  and  two  thermostats  (27).  Discard  gasket  and Iockwashers. Remove two thermostat seals (28) from  thermostat  cover  (25).  Discard seals. Remove bolts (29, 30, and 31), three Iockwashers  (32)  flat  washer  (33). bolt  (34),  and  Iockwasher  (35) securing  thermostat  housing  (4)  to  left cylinder  head  (36).  Remove thermostat housing (4) and gasket (37).  Discard  gasket  and Iockwashers. b.   Inspection (1) (2) (3) Immerse  thermostat  in  container  of water and apply heat to container. Place  a  thermometer  in  the  container, but do not allow it to touch bottom of container. Agitate  water  to  maintain  an  even temperature  throughout  the  container. When  temperature  reaches approximately  167°F  to  172oF,  the thermostat  should  begin  to  open.  The thermostat  should  be  fully  opened when  the  water  temperature  reaches approximately 187oF. Allow at least 10 minutes for thermostat to react. If thermostats  do  not  meet requirements,  replace  thermostats. 4-17


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